Cybro Accounts enables to create different branches of the company and maintain seperate accounts and reports for each branch.

Account Ledger

Provides default ledgers and groups. Besides these, users can also create their own ledgers. These ledgers can be created separately one by one, or grouped under a common category.

Godown, Batch

Keeps records of storehouses and see where each product is stored to make searches easier. Reports can also be generated for each godown. You can also maintain MFD, EXPD etc of each batch.

Payment / Receipt voucher

Handles all cheques, cash payments and receipts of the company. Payments and receipts can be done directly or against a bill. Multiple payments/receipts can be done in a single voucher.

Journal Voucher

Adds miscellaneous accounts. The gap between actual and expected ledger balance can be adjusted here.

Financial Statements

Cybro Accounts provides a very flexible and easy to understand financial statement reports which is available branch wise.

PDC Payable /Receivable

Handles cheques given or received post date. Clearance of PDC will be done with PDC Clearance.

PDC Clearance

Clears cheques paid/received post date. The cheques may be cleared or bounced. The subsequent changes will be done by the system accordingly.

Bank Reconciliation

It’s for matching the statements provided by bank and the account book kept by company.

Purchase / Sales Order

Handles complex purchases and sales order processes efficiently. Users can set due date of orders and orders can be cancelled easily.

Damage Stock

Keeps stock of damaged items in the company.

Contra Voucher

Handles all bank deposits and withdrawals.

Material Receipt/ Delivery Note

Handles goods received before paying the bill or goods delivered before issuing the bill.

Rejection out / in

Handles rejection of goods received via mail receipt, or goods delivered that are rejected due to damage, or any other reason.

Purchase / Sales Return

Handles returning of damaged items. Items may be returned against an invoice, or directly.


Handles the services done by an organisation with the option to create service types and category.

Physical Stock

Adjusts the gap between actual and expected stock.

Godown, Branch Transfer

Transfers goods from one godown to another or from one branch of the company to another. The stock changes will be recorded automatically.

Financial Year

A company can create any number of financial periods and can be closed as per wish. Entry can be done in a closed financial year if they want to do so.

Voucher Type Creation

Different voucher types can be created and make transactions under the same.

Manufacturing Journal

Keeps efficient records of raw materials, finished goods, cost of raw materials, its effective cost etc.


Sets budget easily. Analysis of the budget variance can also be done easily.

Purchase / Sales

Handles purchase and sales modules of accounting very easily. Purchase can be done against order, material receipt or directly. Sales can also be done against order or directly against the delivery note. Changes to stock and accounts will be done automatically.

User Management

  • Creates different users with different privilege levels for providing high level of security
  • Contains option for blocking delinquent users
  • Keeps track of activities of each user


  • Reminders for order on due, purchase, sales on due etc
  • Product expiry reports
  • Low stock reminders
  • Option for setting users own reminders
  • Option for disabling reminder option


  • Creates different pay heads
  • Adds designations and employees under each designation
  • Sets holidays
  • Keeps attendance record
  • Sets bonus/deduction for employees
  • Generates salary for each month
  • Generates pay slip


  • Powerful reports from each section
  • Navigation form reports to lower level till the vouchers
  • Almost all financial reports like profit and loss , balance sheet etc are available
  • The fields in reports can be decided by users
  • Sales man reports
  • Area , market wise reports
  • Reports of fast moving , slow moving goods
  • Option for exporting reports to excel, PDF etc