Cybro Accounts

Cybro Accounts is a web based accounting solution suitable for all types of businesses: from small firms to large and complex business organizations. It is efficient, intuitive and easily configurable, with powerful features incorporated to make sure that you manage your business finance consistently with exceptional quality.

If you enjoy carrying around your daily budget planner and a heavy account book to keep track of the money going in and out of your business, Cybro Accounts is definitely not for you. The reason: it’s software that can completely automate all your business accounting processes. Cybro Accounts relieves you of all the headaches involved in book keeping: without a book, course. Time is money, save time. Firstly you don’t have to rush to your office each time where and when money transactions are performed. Cybro Accounts helps you to control your finance even when you are away from your office. Secondly by easily logging in to financial transactions by your own without a need to hire a separate data entry operator and having to pay him for it.
We know that everyone will be concerned before buying any product. You can log into our live demo version of Cybro Account from our website : www.accounts.cybrolab.info You can carry out data entries in it to get an overview about the software.
Cybro Accounts Online is accessed on the internet, so you can access your data safely using any PC that's connected to the internet. You can also see your real-time figures of your business undertakings. Accountsuit Desktop has to be installed onto your computer. It's for PCs running Windows 8, 7 and Vista. We recommend Cybro Accounts Online for most businesses
We store your data on our secure servers or can also install the software in your secure server. When you sign in to Cybro Accounts, the data is transferred across the internet and displayed on your computer. All your financial details are scrambled with encryption while stored on our servers, and when transferred over the internet. This means that even if someone did manage to intercept the data, they wouldn't be able to make sense of it. It remains confidential.
We automatically back your data up every day. Backups are stored safely away from our main copy of your data, to keep them safe. You can also take your own data backup by saving all your reports to your computer as Excel spreadsheets. Save the general journal report to get a copy of all your transactions.
Cybro Accounts includes full telephone support. You can call our support team for help, 8.30am — 5.30pm IST on working days. We'll do our best to help you with any aspect of Cybro Accounts, from Training to signing up and getting started to running reports and solving problems.
We will gladly customize Cybro Accounts to meet your needs. We have added a lot of things based on the needs and desires of our clients. Tell us what you need. It’s possible that the features you need are already on our development list. If not, we can talk to you about adding them.
Our dedicated staff of trainers is full-charge personals with many years of quality experience .Cybro Accounts makes training available on an hourly or daily basis. We also offer onsite training and setup if client bear the charges or you can bring your people here for training. Please call for details.
Yes. We can make the source code available under a limited license. There is an extra cost which is fairly significant. Please call for pricing and licensing details.
You are buying it. You may have noticed that the current trend is to lease your software. You do NOT own it. It is NOT an asset but a liability. Worse yet, you can’t sell it to anyone. It is worthless. With Cybro Accounts ,you own it!
You may install the software anytime you wish on as many computers as you like. We sell you the software based on the number of people actually using the software at one time (concurrent users). You can buy additional user licenses as needed..
  • Latest browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or above, IE 8 or above) for better performance and for reporting.
  • Adobe Reader 8.0 or Higher
  • Office 2003 or 2007
  • High speed internet connection
  • Printers with drivers installed in system.
Yes ! Its an online application and it does require internet connectivity all the time.
It really depends on your ability and what parts of the software you are using. Classically trained accounting people who have quality experience using the accounting features in other accounting software, will have no problem with Cybro Accounts. Please understand that this is full enterprise level accounting software. If you are the company’s bookkeeper and don’t already know how to use accounting software, you likely cannot figure this program out as you go. You will need patience and training. If you are good with software and computer savvy, you will quickly pickup on the non-accounting functions pretty quickly and easily.
The installation of both the server and workstation software is straight forward and very standard. We also provide terrific documentation. That does not mean that you can necessarily do it yourself. You may need the assistance of an IT person Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please call us at +91 4943015006/7 or emails us using the Contact Us page